On the 2nd of February 2018, the IRS issued the notice below, curtailing use of the TIPPS-4 vehicle.

TO:      TIPPS-4 Vendors:

The Department of Treasury established mandatory policies to utilize Best-in-Class (BIC) contracts for information technology services and products to the maximum extent practicable. This policy implements Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum M-17-22 dated April 2017.

OMB has designated certain existing Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) as BIC contracts. TIPSS-4 is not designated as a BIC contract because it is not available Government-wide.

 As of January 2018, the following IT Services contracts have been designated as BIC:

  •  Alliant/Alliant2
  • Alliant SB/Alliant 2SB
  • VETS2

 As a result, current task order requirements must transition to one of the BIC vehicles noted above. All new requirements will also be solicited using one of the vehicles above, as practicable. In addition, we will consider the use of BPAs, as appropriate and FSS contract holders may be solicited.

 To implement the acquisition strategies utilizing BIC, no additional options will be exercised against the TIPSS-4 Information Technology Services (ITS) or Small Business (SB) contracts. Therefore, the ITS contracts will expire December 27, 2018 and the SB contracts will expire on June 22, 2018. In accordance with FAR Clause 52.216-22, Indefinite Quantity (Oct 1995) located in Section I of the TIPSS-4 base contracts, any open task orders that exist after the current performance period of the base contracts expires will be allowed to continue for no more than 12 additional months.

 If you wish to compete for any future IRS IT services requirements, you will need to be a holder of any or all of the above contracts. Information on how to become a contract holder for and of the above vehicles can be found at:

 Thank you for your participation in the TIPSS-4 Program.


Debra M. Jacobs
Acting Branch Chief
IRS, TIPSS-4 Program Branch

Pragmatics is a holder of the GSA Alliant and was recently awarded GSA Alliant 2.

For more information:

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